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Our Journey

Sean brings his extensive experience in Hong Kong, Macau, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Qatar and the UAE to Maze. Sean’s career started in architecture, construction and project management in New Zealand over 25 years ago. Since leaving New Zealand for Hong Kong in 2007, Sean has directed and overseen some of the most exciting and challenging developments in Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East. Sean is highly experienced in design, design management, project planning and management, project delivery and construction management, risk management and mitigation, and project conflict and resolution. This experience has enabled Sean to foster a strong understanding of business ethics, project accountability and how to motivate multi-cultural teams.


Sean Pinfold

Our Mission

Redefining the Way 
We Deliver Projects

The knowledge we have gained whilst working with some of the most talented people around the globe has enabled us to develop a unique way of managing our projects.  By adopting an innovative and collaborative approach with our clients and other consultants, contractors and suppliers, projects are delivered on time and on budget. We believe that the key to any successful venture is team cohesiveness, from the client and their team through to consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers, everyone plays a vital and integral part of a project – my role is to ensure the path is smooth and ultimately successful by navigating through challenges whilst managing expectations. Hence the phrase "Together we will find the way"


Our Journey So Far



Sean returned to New Zealand to found Maze in 2020, bringing his overseas experience home.  



After establishing the brand, Maze engaged in the market, connecting with some amazing companies and people. 

Our Focus

Quality assurance and delivering exceptional quality with attention to detail is our thing. Above all, we believe in teamwork.


"Never Give in"

Winston Churchill

Work Colleagues
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