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Maze specialises in 3D renders and live animations. This is a great way to showcase design intent for any project. This service also allows the client to have a very clear understanding of the design to ensure this meets their requirements. This method also allows us to have a clear understanding of detail, material selection, and building methodology which assist with the pricing of the project.

"There is 360 degrees, so why stick to one"

Zaha Hadid

Render 5 Ext_edited.jpg

Attention to detail is what we do, and this is reflected right through all our service sectors.


The production of renders forms part of our design scope. During this process we are able to define and work though details of the projects such as topographic levels, materials, construction methodologies that forms basis of construction for this particular project..

R12 Living Area Dining Comp.png


The process starts with planning out the floorplans, layouts and overlay onto the siteplan and ensuring it complies with all planning requirements. After that we start the modeling process where we work through all the details of the project. This process allows us to focus on the detail of the design to ensure we eliminate as much of the issues ahead of time.. 


The production of interior renders also forms part of the concept design scope of services. This is a great way to work through the interior part of the project in where we showcase colours, furniture and finishes.

We are able to produce a virtual tour on all of our projects which will be issued to the client through the design process. This method allows the Client to maintain full visibility and understanding of the design intent throughout the design process

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