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Maze consultancy offers an end-to-end construction consultancy service from project planning through design, construction and project management, cost management and project delivery.  At Maze, we strongly believe in identifying risks before they become a roadblock through thorough planning before execution.

Maze will tailor a consultancy service to your needs.  Each client is unique, and their needs are special.  Our diverse experience as architectural designers, project managers and development consultants allows us to be the solution to any stage of the construction journey and for large or small projects.  


Our architectural services start with comprehensive feasibility that includes cost estimates, bulk and location plans that adhere to local planning regulations. From thereon, we will proceed through the necessary stages from concept design to construction documentation, tender and award of contractors and suppliers, to final construction documentation and council approvals.


Design management services are tailored to suit the project and the client's needs. This service forms part of the project management scope of services, however, it places focus purely on the design elements of the project in which we adopt a project management approach to the design elements of the project to ensure design intent and requirements are met on time and within budget.

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Our project management brings uniqueness to your project, as our team holds experience as both designers and project managers. We bring over 25 years of international experience to your projects, having worked on major projects throughout Asia, South-East Asia and the middle east. This experience has enabled us to foster a strong understanding of business ethics, project accountability and how to motivate multi-cultural teams. We understand how to plan and deliver projects. 

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Maze is experienced in assisting clients in development planning.  This includes feasibility, design, project management, project tendering, advice, marketing and branding services in where we work closely with a developer to aspire and bring his vision to life. 


Should the project encompass multi tenancies, Maze can assist in the coordination of these works. The scope is for overall coordination with all the tenants to ensure their designs meet the brand and design requirements. We manage their individual programme and deliverables to ensure quality and timelines are met. We have experience in managing over 200 luxury tenants all at the same time and have the systems and methodologies in place to do so. 

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Project planning is the feasibility stage commonly known as the pre-works phase. Maze will assist clients with the planning of their project to get it ready to commence. At Maze we believe that planning a project out from the start is the key to ensure for a smooth and trouble-free delivery. We will work through all aspects such as identifying risks and placing mitigation measures in place, preparing all documentation formats, Cost and budget analysis, communications and above all the preparation of a project execution plan also known as a (PEP). Our planning sets the foundations for the smooth execution stage of the project. 

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