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Construction Workers at Sunset


Our Detailed
Scope of Services

Below is a detailed breakdown of our scope of services. Our services will be tailored to suit the project needs and budget.

Our Services



Feasibility, Project Assessment, Planning Stage

  • Initial site visit with the client

  • Total understanding of client requirements

  • Project brief and confirmation of client's budget

  • Assess the budget against the design brief

Concept Design Stage​

  • Preparation of drawing list 

  • Check and verify all site restrictions/requirements with the local authority/planner

  • Preparation of concept design consisting of sketches and ideas

  • Presentation to client

  • Update any comments received from the client

  • The client approve and sign off a concept design


Schematic Design Stage

  • Commence 3D modelling and animation

  • Further design enhancement to include colour schemes, materials samples and mood boards 

  • Develop design into detailed case studies to ensure these are workable and buildable

  • Commence initial costings exercise to check budget compliance against design

  • Make adjustments as required

  • Finalise 3D model and renders 

  • Present to client

  • Commence with the resource consent application

  • Commence coordination with other consultants such as Structural, Services, Geotechnical, Landscape etc. 

  • Finalise package and obtain final sign-off and approval from the client


Detailed Design Stage

  • Commence detailed design and increase the level of detail to ensure compliance with building consent requirements

  • Enhance detailing to ensure workable solutions

  • Finalisation of coordination and integration of consultant's documentation into a detailed design package 

  • Preparation of specifications  

  • Lodge building consent with local authority

  • Meetings with local authorities to go through detailed design submission

  • Commence tender package ready for tender to potential contractors, if so required​


Tender Documentation Stage

  • Preparation of RFP (Request for Proposal)

  • Consolidate a list of potential contractors by evaluation of experience relevant to the project

  • Review and obtain approval from the client to release RFP to potential contracting companies

  • Release RFP to potential contracting companies

  • Receipt of quotes from contractors, review and arrange interviews

  • Consolidate interview information and prepare recommendations to the client for approval

  • Approval obtained and preparation of (LOA) Letter of award

  • The contractor onboarding process follows


Construction Stage

  • Preparation of site documentation 

  • Assign weekly meetings on-site with contractors / sub-contractors to go through budgets, address any issues, and check against approved design (work with the contractor to ensure all issues are addressed accordingly)

  • check, document and sign off on all material samples etc.

  • (RFI's) request for information, (CRF) change orders and address in a timely matter

  • On-site coordination with all sub-consultants such as engineers (structural and geotechnical etc) to inspect works during stages to ensure compliance

  • Manage any variations, check claims against budget, and current rates, and, if required, obtain client sign-off prior to instructing any works

  • Preparation of a bi-weekly report to the client 

  • Quality checks

  • Check against design intent

Completion and Handover

  • Preparation of defect list to be issued to the project manager, quality sign off

  • final inspection and sign-off on work to be issued to the project manager


Design Management

Pre-works Stage

  • Preparation of project brief/terms of reference, (RFP) request for proposal, which forms the basis of design instructions

  • Provides information on design processes, procedures, communications and key initiatives 

  • Provide service agreements outlining the scope of works for consultants

  • Drawing standards, guidelines, and the protocol approval process 

  • Review project methodology, implementation strategy, project and programme schedule 


Project Design Stage

  • Review designs and comments on conformity against brief and client requirements 

  • Review qualitative aspects of design development (appropriateness of solutions, functionality, aesthetically, technically) 

  • Review budgets with the project and cost manager during appropriate stages of the project

  • Obtain and review meeting minutes from consultants with the project manager to ensure all relevant details are maintained in meetings 

  • Participate in design review meetings to ensure design comments and approvals are obtained within a timely matter and according to the scope of works

  • Ensure that all designs, and specifications are reviewed by consultants at all stages and in compliance with building authority regulations

  • Review all drawings compiled by consultants to ensure they are all coordinated into an overall package

Construction Stage

  • Attend site inspections as required by consultants and project manager

  • Participate in construction meetings to ensure all design queries are addressed accordingly

  • Review with the project manager, consultants and contractor, alternative construction and/or design solutions submitted by the contractor and consultants to resolve unforeseen conditions

  • Participate in the interim and final acceptance inspections with the project manager, consultants and contractor

  • Monitor and review change orders and site instructions with the project manager

  • Monitor, review and acceptance of defects with the project manager, consultants and contractor to ensure they are closed out 

  • Monitor, review and acceptance of "as-built" drawings, specifications and operational manuals with the project manager, consultants and contractors 

  • (RFI's) request for information, (CRF) change orders and address in a timely matter

  • On-site coordination with all sub-consultants such as engineers (structural and geotechnical etc) to inspect works during stages to ensure compliance

  • Manage any variations, check claims against budget, and current rates, and, if required, obtain client sign-off prior to instructing any works

  • Preparation of a bi-weekly report to the client 

  • Quality checks

  • Check against design intent

Completion and Handover

  • Preparation of defect list to be issued to the project manager, quality sign off

  • final inspection and sign-off on work to be issued to the project manager



Project Management

Project Start-up

  • Develop an overall project strategy 

  • Preparation of a (PEP) project execution plan and develop project procedures and documentation

  • Identify key project risks and develop mitigation plans

  • Operate & maintain a risk register throughout the project

  • Establish project permitting and utility plan

Communication, Meetings and Reports

  • Ensure the appropriate channels of communication between all parties are upheld 

  • Establish a meeting structure, procedures for convening, chairing, and recording meetings with action notes for circulation of information. Monitor all communication and distribution of information

  • Engage, chair and minute all meetings

  • Ensure all relevant information is provided to the team at large and notify the team of any decisions when appropriate 

  • Utilise standard documentation formats

  • Prepare all progress and monthly project reports 

  • Provide regular project updates to include design and construction progress, cost status and anticipated changes, approvals and outstanding issues and advise appropriate actions

  • Manage the project schedule and programme along with all documentation, and deliverables produced by contractors, vendors, consultants until the completion of the project



  • Coordination of the design team, other consultants including contractors and Authorities

  • Monitor the performance in carrying out the preliminary design and detailed design by the design team along with other consultants and coordinate the entire process

  • Ensure production of detailed and coordinated stage planning with local operations teams

  • Assist the design team to make sure that the design submittal documents for various authorities review are in line with proper formats 

  • Manage milestone project workshops with the client, stakeholders to ensure project approvals throughout the client team

  • Review design deliverables by the design team to ensure the client's requirements and brief is met

  • Coordinate among contractors, the design team, consultants and the client's team to solve design issues throughout construction until project completion, including commissioning Authority inspections and occupancy

  • Review all design deliverables weekly

Vendor Packages

  • Liaise and coordinate with client's project personnel responsible for the management of the vendor works procurement process

  • Coordinate and obtain vendor criteria packages from client consultants

  • Manage information flow from consultants, vendor design consultants  and contractors

  • Coordinate construction programmes between base building contractor, fit-out contractor and vendor; including hand over dates ready for vendor contractor to commence fit-out

  • Coordinate construction programme between vendor fit-out contractor and all other manufactures if required 

  • Monitor overall target design and construction programme and report on any changes to the programme

  • Assist as required with tender bid documentation including tendering instructions, preliminaries, conditions of contract, site works rules and procedures documentation, price breakdown, construction programme and incorporation of consultant's tender documentation

  • Manage the tender process for works and make recommendations for the award of contracts 

  • Compile contract documentation for execution

Project Scheduling 

  • Produce a project management schedule for approval to include all key activities and key milestones:

    • Permitting

    • Design phase documentation development / production

    • Procurement and contracting

    • Utility coordination

    • submit demolition logistics schedule for approval

    • site planning/logistics plan and site preparation plan

    • Critical path analysis for design and construction phases

    • Construction stages including all sub-contracting stages 

    • Supplier delivery dates

    • Start-up and commissioning 

    • Close-out activities

    • Occupancy and move in

  • Integrate authority activities related to reviews, approvals and permitting

Tender and Award

  • Coordinate with relevant parties to review, comment and approve on tender documentation prepared by the services engineer (MEP), the designer and all other consultants for tendering purposes on time

  • Take lead in collaboration with the client and other consultants to agree and settle on the number of tenders to be required

  • In collaboration with relevant parties to detail tender programme for contractor / sub-contractor, pre-qualification, contractor selection, assessment and awarding of the various construction contracts 

  • Prepare a list of long-lead items to ensure early procurement 

  • Ensure contractor pre-qualification documents are distributed to selected /approved tenderers

  • Co-ordinate the consultants, review and request them to prepare comprehensive reports on the pre-qualification received. Consolidate the views of the consultants and make recommendations for contractor selection

  • Following tender return, interview tenderers together with the respective consultants to review the tenderers management structure, construction methodology, capabilities, and approach to works

  • Arrange the consultant's team to assess the tenderers and give comments on their respective fields of expertise 

  • Ensure letters of the award are issued and contract documentation are signed as required


  • Further, develop and maintain the master schedule, track and advise status 

  • Manage the on-site survey of the base building before commencement

  • Review contractor's method statements and make recommendations on the proposed action plan

  • Review contractor's health & safety and environmental plan and make recommendations on the proposed action plan

  • Monitor the contractor's schedules and performance and advise of status. Recommend to the client a course of action for consideration to be implemented should a schedule or performance concern arise

  • Monitor contractor's materials to site expediting and long lead item fabrication and delivery schedule 

  • Monitor and coordinate the delivery of items outside of the contractor's scope, including project direct procurement items

  • Pre-plan site works and material deliveries before a public holiday


Site Management and Contract Administration​

  • Manage the interface between contractors and suppliers. Ensure effective coordination of schedules, shop drawings and designs, scope, material and construction quality

  • Manage document control system to ensure the project documents are maintained 

  • Conduct daily and weekly site meetings as required and report accordingly

  • Maintain project information flow among all relevant parties

  • Issue and circulate all site instructions, change requests, payment certifications, and all formal communication as required

  • Coordinate all contractors and consultants to allow implementation of all construction methodologies for the project

  • Review and release operational manuals and as-built drawings for approval before the completion of the project

  • Coordination with the client and their team to implement the occupation programme 

  • Allow settlement on contractors' claims, including the arrangement of clarification meetings, collecting and supporting documentation, and assisting in negotiations for resolving disputes


Change Management 

  • Manage, monitor and control all client or contractors changes and variations

  • Document and record all variations and changes against the programme and initial scope of work and make recommendations 


Authorities and Utilities (as and if required)

  • Liaison with Authorities in association with clients and consultants on the collation of all necessary permits and approvals

  • Manage the submission process with the client and consultants to allow for close communication with Authorities to clarify any potential issues. Review approvals/comments/ documents with the consultant team to ensure these are addressed accordingly and in a timely manner

  • Manage and document receipt of permits and approvals


Quality Control 

  • Prepare and implement project quality control programme and procedures

  • In conjunction with the client, pre-qualification of contractors, suppliers, consultants

  • Mutually agree on the accepted tender list

  • Co-ordination with the client and the consultant team to set quality standards in tenders and work-trade

  • Review and approval of contractors/suppliers' QA/QC plans

  • Review of contractors' method statements 

  • Arrange for mock-ups/material samples inspections for review and approval of client and consultant teams

  • Inspect and review the construction works for conformance with the design documentation, quality and installation 

  • Identify and recommend considerations to the client for any issues that may arise in terms of quality 

  • Arrange supplier inspections for critical equipment if required

  • Ensure in-progress inspections and hold points check

  • Monitor and record defects with mitigation measures along with timelines and recommend remedy/repair plan

  • Ensure completion of all required works by the contractor

  • Enforce receipt of contractor tests, inspections and documentation tracking and recording of all works


Completion and Handover ​

  • Inspect completed works before handover and coordinate with the client team, consultants, contractors and suppliers to prepare a list of defective works, describe remedy actions and develop a schedule of rectification. Manage the entire defect rectification process 

  • Collection of as-built, O&M manuals, consolidate and add in all variations, change orders, and site instructions into a close-out report

  • Collect and complete project documentation and transfer it to the client and/or their team

  • Prepare, collect, review and submit all closing documentation, inclusive of testing and commissioning data

  • Co-ordinate with Authorities, consultants and contractors to ensure all documentation is completed and ready for the release of the certificate of completion 

  • Review and reconcile all documentation with the quantity surveying team for the project's final accounts closing 

  • Prepare documentation and procedures for the issuance of defect liability period (DLP) by contractors and suppliers

  • Make recommendations to the client for the release of contractor/suppliers retentions and performance bonds

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